How RX France's event organisers delighted attendees and hit an all-time NPS record

With a combination of networking opportunities, keynote talks and pre-scheduled meetings, MIP Cancun has built a reputation for being a fun and effective way for TV professionals in the Latin American markets to come together. 

To mark the return to in-person conferences, the RX France team wanted to make sure MIP Cancun was the blockbuster event of the year. 

In this case study, you’ll see how the event organisers:

  • Brought together the biggest names in the Latin American TV market
  • Chose the perfect setting that enabled attendees to make the most of the event
  • Used AI matchmaking software to schedule more than 2,400 meetings
  • Achieved the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) in MIP Cancun history

As a bonus, the event organisers at RX France also share their top tips for putting on a successful VIP concierge, pre-scheduled meeting event.

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Cover page of case study

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