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Adventureland: How B2B organizers are taking 'event experience design' to the next level

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New research reveals the key to in-person B2B shows is the quality of the event experience. 

But how do event organizers ramp up their show’s thrills using the latest experience design techniques? 

Join Scott Burns, SVP of Creative at George P. Johnson (Dreamforce, Microsoft, Major League Baseball) and Mac Fraser, Co-founder and CTO, Connectiv (Manifest, Blueprint, and Transform) who are ready to help you knock your event experience out of the park. 

Get a wristband, jump the queue and discover:

  • How to surprise and delight your attendees by introducing creative programming, like hands-on workshops, immersive experiences and 'Bake Off-style' competitions
  • Why simply adding a 5k run or yoga session to your schedule won’t satisfy today’s demanding B2B participants
  • How advanced personalization for specific participants will ensure your event delivers ROI and reduces churn 

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Speakers include:
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Scott Burns, SVP of Creative, George P. Johnson Experience Marketing 

Scott has over 15 years of experience in the event marketing industry. He is driven by a central truth: the most powerful connection one can make is with another human. His clients include Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft, Anheuser-Busch, Diageo, Discover Card, Major League Baseball, Target and NASCAR.


Mac Fraser, Co-founder and CTO, Connectiv

Mac Fraser is the brains behind the technology at Connectiv, which runs conferences such as Manifest, Blueprint, and Transform. With over two decades of experience, Mac plays the lead role in creating and building Connectiv's technology stack, including proprietary tech that drives connections at events allowing event attendees to connect in a modern and sophisticated way. 

Hosted by:

Hew Leith, SVP of Marketing, Grip

Hew heads up marketing at Grip and has over 20 years’ experience in planning and running B2B events.