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The ultimate guide to event app adoption

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Many organizers only get 20% of their participants to download and use their mobile event apps. 

It’s a problem that’s like herding cats. Tricky but not impossible…

At Grip, our customers regularly get over 90% app adoption but only if they follow specific strategies. 

Join this fast-paced webinar where the top app adoption experts will give you over 50 strategies to get the vast majority of your participants using your mobile app. 

Topics include:

  • Catnip for organizers: How to boost app adoption easily
  • Purrfect quick wins: How to boost your app adoption overnight
  • Paw-some benchmarks: How to define success before you launch your app
  • Fur-miliar but different: How to segment your participants (e.g. sponsors, exhibitors and attendees) to ensure maximum app adoption 

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Speakers include:

Ashley Roina, Director of Audience Engagement, Clarion Events - North America

Ashley is one of the world's leading experts on event engagement. She has over a decade of experience in events and currently works at Clarion North America, one of the fastest growing event organizers in the United States.

Clarion's events cover a variety of formats from hosted buyer models, content-led community events, enthusiast events and regional and large-scale tradeshows, led by industry and community experts.


Cory Smith, Vice President, Strategic Services, Shepard

With over 30 years’ experience in B2B live event production and knowledge of many event tech platforms, Cory is an app adoption expert.

At Shepard, the award winning Atlanta-based trade show, conference, and specialty event agency, he manages leading B2B brands and communities. Cory oversees leadership and managed performance with events, digital media, audience development, sales management and content marketing. 


Abi Cannons, Senior Strategic Account Manager, Grip

Abi has worked in the event industry for 17 years; in conferences, global trade shows and event-tech organizations.

With this broad experience, Abi understands all aspects of driving innovation in events and has a passion for connecting people, ideas and opportunities. At Grip, Abi works closely with event organizers to consult and strategise on their use of event technology.

Abi loves nothing more than getting underwater as a scuba diver and walking her dog, Roo (not at the same time).

Hosted by:

Hew Leith, SVP of Marketing at Grip

Hew heads up marketing at Grip and has over 20 years’ experience in planning and running B2B events.