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How to choreograph in-person and virtual experiences to lift your event strategy

2 step dance

The waltz, tango and charleston. All difficult dances which require multiple steps, performed at exactly the right time.

Events are no different, especially in a world where we now have both in-person AND virtual events in the locker room. But which types of events should you do? And when should you do them? As with dances, there’s a technique to it and we have the steps ready for you. Watch Hew Leith, Grip’s VP of Marketing, don his sequin suit and best ballroom shoes to detail the exact moves needed to do this new two-step dance.

We will cover:

  1. In-person events to drive engagement, then;
  2. Virtual events to raise awareness.

Combining these two event types in the right sequence is the key to boosting engagement for attendees, leads for exhibitors and growth for your event.




Hew Leith - VP of Marketing, Grip

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