Exclusive Webinar
Cultivating AI: Sowing the Seeds for Thriving Events

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Since our panel of AI specialists last met in November 2022, ChatGPT had not even launched. And it’s been blooming ever since, with 1.6 billion visitors to the ChatGPT website in March alone.  

Join our 45-minute panel discussion where our AI experts unearth the secrets of nurturing event success with artificial intelligence. Delve into AI-powered tools like Grip, the B2B matchmaking cultivator, and Zenus, ethical facial analysis for sentiment, heat mapping, event analytics, and registration. Plus, some generative AI software to get you out of the weeds when it comes to your creativity and time.  

But beware the hidden perils of AI! We'll discuss data sharing, incomplete data, testing, bias, and the essential role of human supervision. 

By watching this session, you will: 

  • Discover innovative AI tools to enhance event organization and attendee engagement. 
  • Understand the potential pitfalls of AI and how to address them effectively. 
  • Learn best practices for integrating AI into your event management strategy, ensuring sustainable growth and success. 

Don't let your event management skills wither. Attend this session to harvest the wisdom of AI for thriving events, and grow your garden of organization tools.



Dr. Panos Moutafis - CEO & Co-Founder, Zenus .Inc


Matt Coyne - Chief Content Creator, Waves Connects


Dr. James Swingland - Lead Data Scientist, Grip


Abi Cannons - Senior Product Marketing Manager, Grip

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