Equip | Grip's quarterly customer webinar

Q1 2024

Join a special Valentine's Day edition of Equip, Grip's quarterly customer-only webinar.

Tim Groot, Grip's CEO and founder, will be on hand with the chocolates and roses to cover:

  • Native Integrations update: The latest integration sources that have been added to Grip's new wizard
  • End-to-End Session Management: Details on the new features which have been added to the session suite, including session check-in, session custom fields and i-frames
  • Concierge Service: Details about why Grip has launched Concierge, such as supporting organizers to get more accepted meetings, which boosts exhibitor ROI  
  • Google & Yahoo’s email changes: What you need to know about the major updates to email providers' spam policies




Tim Groot - CEO & Founder, Grip

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