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Exhibitor ROI: Find the diamonds in your data

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In 1953, Marilyn Monroe sang: “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend”. But today, smart event organizers know that the diamonds they find in data are their best friend as it allows them to prove exhibitor ROI.  

Data-savvy organizers are using real-time insights from their event platforms to demonstrate more value for exhibitors. 

Examples include:

Boost lead generation for exhibitors

Show them which attendees they should meet before the show even starts, based on product preferences given by participants at registration.

Rebook exhibitors on-site

Show them data on valuable relationships they formed during the event (e.g. number of accepted meetings or badge scans).

Provide benchmarks which improve exhibitor outcomes

Introduce healthy competition before, during and after the event by showing exhibitors how they stack up against their rivals.

Join our sparkling speakers where they will provide the highest clarity on how organizers can use insights to demonstrate exhibitor ROI, reduce exhibitor churn and increase revenue.

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Our 24 carat speakers, include:

Leah Freeland - Business Manager at Rego

At the forefront of sales growth for live events and exhibitions, Leah brings her years of experience in securing rebookings and growing some of the world's leading events.


Denzil Rankine - Managing Director at Stax 

Advisor to C-Suite and investors in Technology, Information, Media and Events. Author and thought leader in the global events and exhibitions industry.


Tim Groot - CEO & Co-Founder at Grip

Since founding Grip in 2015, Tim has won multiple awards, led the UFI Digital Innovation Working Group and built a company of over 70 employees all focused on helping event organizers deliver world-leading events.