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Go for growth! New metrics for event organizers in 2024

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Soaring costs and a global economic slowdown means worried event directors and leadership teams are monitoring the health of their events more closely than ever before. 

But are they using the right metrics? 

Becoming fixated on ‘lagging indicators’, like NPS, means it’s often too late to do anything about issues when they arise. 

Cara Turner from Integre Strategies (ex-Strategic Commercial Director for Digital at Informa Markets), Sam Feary from Plural Strategy and Nicola Shaw from Tag Digital will give you the best metrics to help you GROW your events.

This fast-paced webinar will detail:

  • Which KPIs allow you to take predictive decisions to grow your event, before it happens
  • NPS is overrated! The killer KPIs you should be using instead
  • How to convince your senior leadership team to stop looking in the ‘rear view mirror’ with lagging indicator metrics 
  • How to avoid ‘analysis paralysis’ by adopting north star metrics
  • The metrics needed to sell your events business

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Speakers include:

Cara Turner, Founder & Director, Integre Strategies (ex Informa Markets)

Cara helps event organizers leverage data to establish value and trust, ensuring the right people in business come together. Before launching Intregre, she was the Strategic Commercial Director for Digital at Informa Markets where she led a 20 person, commercially focused, team on change management and pivot strategy.  With over 19 years of experience in the industry, she helps organizers use digital platforms and products to grow event revenues.


Sam Feary, Associate Director, Plural Strategy

After graduating from Cambridge in 2014, Sam joined Plural, the leading strategy consultancy for the events, media and information industries.

He is now an Associate Director – leading and delivering projects for clients. His most recent project was helping a B2B events company to become more data-focused and high-growth.

Sam has worked on a number of strategy as well as due diligence projects for many of the leading organisers and PE investors in the sector.


Nicola Shaw, Head of Growth, Tag Digital

At Tag Digital, the leading digital marketing agency for the event industry, Nicola delivers bespoke campaigns which help organizers grow. With over seven years' experience, she uses combination of data and technology to help clients like Infoma and DMG Events navigate the challenging paid advertising arena, reduce cost per registration, build data and improve ROI.  

Hosted by:

Hew Leith, SVP of Marketing at Grip

Hew heads up marketing at Grip and has over 20 years’ experience in planning and running B2B events.