Exclusive Webinar
Mastering the Event App: Power Up Your Engagement and User Experience

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Prepare for an epic adventure into the realm of event mobile apps in this 45 minute webinar. Join our esteemed panelists as we embark on a heroic quest to unlock the secrets of success and defeat the formidable obstacles that hinder widespread adoption of mobile apps at events.

In this immersive session, you'll discover powerful strategies and game-changing features that will level up your event mobile apps to unparalleled heights. Conquer the treacherous challenges and avoid the pitfalls that lie in wait, standing between you and victory.

Learning outcomes:

  • Unlock powerful strategies and game-changing features that boost the adoption and usage of event mobile apps
  • Conquer the common challenges and pitfalls that stand in the way of widespread mobile app adoption at events.
  • Master practical solutions and level up your skills with best practices to optimize the user experience of event mobile apps.

Join our guild of seasoned organizers for this fast-paced panel session, giving you all the playing pieces you need. Acquire priceless loot in the form of insightful revelations, hear captivating tales of epic experiences and emerge as a true hero in the realm of event mobile apps. 



James Tucker - Chief Executive Officer, GovNet


Ruben Onderdelinden - Founder, Lively


Abi Cannons - Senior Product Marketing Manager, Grip

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