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Mastering Meetings: Boost revenue, improve ROI and skyrocket NPS with pre-scheduled meeting programs 

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In 2023, exhibitors and sponsors are demanding more ROI. While your leadership are demanding more revenue and a better NPS. The solution? Adding a meeting program, an increasingly popular feature at B2B events.

Join Grip's 'meeting experts' who will share their first-hand experience of setting up successful meeting programs, whether 'hosted buyer' or 'preference-based scheduling' formats. They’ve worked in partnership with the world's best event organizers, like MIP Cancun, to successfully deliver world-class, transformational meetings at their events, and now bring their knowledge to you.

In this session you will learn:

  • What a meeting program looks like
  • How to structure your meeting program for maximum value
  • How to setup your event and avoid common pitfalls



Tim Groot - CEO, Grip


Abi Cannons - Senior Product Marketing Manager, Grip


Jodie Taylor - Solutions Consultant, Grip



Sheli Demry - Client Enablement, Grip

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